Travelrest – The Ultimate Travel Pillow | Ergonomic, Innovative & Patented

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WALL STREET JOURNAL “Best Travel Pillows! It makes 11 hours in a 17-inch-wide seat more bearable”

BOSTON GLOBE “a nice way to nap” “it lived up to its name”

USA TODAY “just begs you to snuggle up and take a nap”

SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER “Best Travel Pillows” “two thumbs up”

MSNBC “size-wise or price-wise, small is beautiful” “offers a different approach to airborne slumber”

VAGABLOND “My new travel BFF” ” I could just kiss (the inventor) for designing this snazzy little guy”

CHICAGO TRIBUNE “The tether works, and the long, curved design of the pillow gives a delicious sense of snuggling up with one of those full-body bed pillows”

CRUNCH GEAR “it works as advertised” “I was the only one waking up from my naps without a cramped neck”

CURVE MAGAZINE “the best travel pillow out there thanks to its ergonomic shape”

PEOPLE MAGAZINE “much more comfortable than those horseshoe pillows”

HAPPILY TRAVELING “I slept like a well fed baby. I highly recommend it. No more stiff mangled necks here!”

GEAR DIARY “I recommend this pillow over the stuffed horseshoe ones”

GO EUROPE/ABOUT-COM “More stable than other neck pillows”

HIP COMPASS “the most comfortable travel pillow I have ever used”

LOS ANGELES TIMES “long flights can be a little more comfy with these compact travel pillows”The only pillow that provides FULL LATERAL SUPPORT for the upper body making it easier to relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep longer.

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