The MakerGear M2

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Product Description:

MakerGear M2 is the low maintenance 3rd generation 3D printer. It’s better parts make better 3D printers. Box contains M2 welcome package; M2 tools package; M2 miscellaneous package; M2 spool holder with screws; M2 power supplies, power cords and USB cable; spool of PLA; sample prints (fully assembled only); M2 printed parts package; M2 hardware package (no picture). Black powder-coated rigid steel frame. CNC machined black anodized-aluminum axes mounts. Precision X and Y linear rails. Precision ground and polished steel shafting. 4-start lead screw with integrated NEMA 17 stepper. Platform heater included. includes 1K spool of 1.75 millimeters PLA plastic filament. The plastic handle, extruder mount, spool holder and other plastic parts used on M2 are all printed in-house on production M2 machines. The power supplies work in the US and internationally (local plug is included). M2 performance specifications: Z resolution: 0.1 to 0.25 millimeters recommend. User selectable down to 0.01 millimeters; Minimum Z resolution: 0.0025 millimeters; Minimum X/Y positioning: 0.01 millimeters; Nozzle orifice diameter: 0.35 millimeters (0.43 millimeters typical extrusion diameter); Maximum X/Y movement: 450 millimeters per second; Typical print speeds: 80 – 200 millimeters per second; Typical travel rate: 100 – 250 millimeters per second; extruder extrusion speed (manual): 300 millimeters per minute. Paper is really thin but on an M2 you can print layers even thinner than a single sheet of paper. A printer with a flimsy frame or low tolerance parts will frequently get out of alignment and require near constant tweaking to produce quality prints. A linear rail consists of a precision machined stainless steel rail that is fastened to the aluminum plate. The carriage contains circulating ball bearings designed for reliable, low-maintenance and accurate linear motion. 8-inches by 10-inches by 8-inches build area. Six-month limited warranty. Large 8″ x 10″ x 8″ Build Envelope

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