Must Have GoPro | Books | GoPro Hero 3: User Guide (Quick and Easy Guide)

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Must Have GoPro | Books

GoPro has taken the world by storm. If you haven’t heard of GoPro yet, you soon will. GoPro’s are wearable camera/camcorders and were used mainly by professionals and adrenaline junkies, until now. Often strapped to a helmet or chest, they are known for their durability and great live-action, first person views of footage. GoPro has recently launched it’s newest product, the GoPro Hero 3. With three different models, it is accessible for everyone. The great thing about the GoPro is that it has so many features that still haven’t fully been discovered. This Quick and Easy Guide aims to show you all the ways you can use your new GoPro for 2013 and beyond. The Quick and Easy Guide series provides a basic understanding of complex and popular technology hardware and software – with some tips, tricks and secrets as a bonus. Q&E guides are made for the individual who does not have time to read several hundred pages of filler content. The individual who wants the information in an easy-to-read guide that packs the most benefits in the least amount of pages. The minimum effective dose

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