Must Have GoPro | Books | GoPro: A Guide to Innovative Filmmaking

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Must Have GoPro | Books

The GoPro camera revolutionized filmmaking not only in terms of its compact and wearable format but in the way it has opened up new ways for people to communicate, to share information, and to capture their lives and dreams. In short, it’s not just a camera for athletes. It’s a camera that can move and shape communities altogether.

For those who wish to explore all the ways you can film your multi-sport adventures or simple day-to-day events, wherever your interest lies this book unlocks all the secrets to capturing those moments in ways unique to you and your creative spirit.

Using riveting photographs and stories throughout, the book guides readers through all the phases of creating video. They’ll learn about the various advantages of the GoPro camera and how to plan for and execute shots. They’ll learn about lighting and mounting the camera for different looks and effects. Once the shots are in the can, readers will get best-practice techniques on editing, including shot and music selection, pacing, story arc, transitions, composting and effects, and putting the final story together before sharing it with the world.

A celebration of beauty and athleticism? A contemplation on mortality? An ode to decadence? What will you create?

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