Spire Breathing Activity Sensor for Healthy Mind and Body

Your state of mind affects how you breathe. But how you breathe can also change your state of mind. Studies have shown how slow, deep and consistent breathing can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and increase the flow of endorphins in your blood...

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Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor (Red)

The Forerunner 110 is Garmin's easiest watch for tracking your training. It's GPS-enabled so it knows heart rate, how far, and how fast - with no extra bells and whistles. There's virtually no setup required, so you can just press start and run,...

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Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor (Triathlon Bundle)

You swim. You bike. You run. You obsess over data and details. So do we. And we’ve just perfected your new training partner. Forerunner 910XT is the only all-in-one, GPS-enabled device that provides detailed swim metrics and tracks distance, pace,...

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Heart Math 6400 Inner Balance Sensor for iOS

Get your heart, mind and emotions in sync to improve well-being and performance. This simple to use technology takes a pulse reading from your earlobe and translates the information from your heart rhythms into graphics on your ios device....

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Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor and Stopwatch

The Polar RS100 heart rate monitor provides a smarter training experience. Whether your goal is to improve your fitness or run faster, Polar's easy-to-use heart rate-based Smart Coaching features will guide you to workout efficiently and motivate...

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Polar FT60 Men's Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Now you can train as you want and reach your fitness targets with the FT60's personalized training program. It sets new targets by adapting to your personal training habits.STAR training program determines proper...

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Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone and Android

Discover Heart Rate Training Simplified The creator of the first Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate monitor is back with an advanced, yet easy to use heart rate monitor. The TICKR comes with Wahoo’s Burn & Burst Heart Rate Training Program to maximize...

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Polar RS300X SD Heart Rate Monitor Watch with S1 Foot Pod (Black)

The RS300X combines these three to give you a true understanding of the effort you put in. And on top, all the essential heart rate features come along RS300X, on the run and online. Measures your heart rate combined with speed and distance. Helps...

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MIO Alpha I Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor, Black/White

Get fit faster with MIO Alpha - The MIO Alpha is the world's first sport watch to provide continuous, accurate heart rate monitoring at performance levels - without requiring a chest strap. This heart rate monitor uses optical sensors to measure the...

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Polar RCX5 Black Heart Rate Monitor Watch

For triathletes, runners and endurance athletes.Watch and heart rate monitor is versatile and durable enough for any sporting activity; designed for triathletes, serious runners, and endurance...

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Polar RC3 GPS with Heart Rate Monitor, Red/Orange

Take your running to the next level with the new, slim and lightweight Polar RC3 GPS. It listens to your body and tracks your altitude, speed, distance and route in one compact package. Together with unique Smart Coaching features it’s GPS, only...

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